only clean wounds can heal

A combination of mechanical cleaning and ultrasound-supported micro-cleaning ensures the best possible cleaning and unsurpassed gentleness and effectiveness. Thanks to its special design, biofilms can be disrupted and removed with the curason. Bacteria lose their protective shield and can be effectively attacked e.g. with an antiseptic solution.

Go where help is needed

Many patients never receive a specialized treatment for infected wound cleaning. With curason, you are able to bring the innovative treatment to every clinic, doctors office or treatment facility.

innovation at your fingertips

Thanks to its three mechanisms of action (macro-cleaning, micro-cleaning and ultrasound), the curason cleans the wound gently and powerfully at the same time.

integrated hygiene

Thanks to its special design, costly hygiene procedures are not necessary. After treatment, the cleaning head is disposed of properly. To avoid cross-contamination from patient to patient we invented a software based single-use cleaning-head concept.

the team

We are a team of physicians and scientists with decades of experience in medical device technology. We have developed an innovative technology, which will make the well-known advantages of ultrasound-supported wound cleaning available to you in every treatment facility.